[TS3+XCAS] Tattoo 131: Maori style

(Larger images below)Screenshot131_0 Screenshot131_1 Screenshot131_2
Tattoo design:
 Maori style tattoo
 designed for a man
The Sims 3
XCAS mod
Gender: Male/Female
Templates: 6
/!\ WARNING — XCAS templates /!\
How do I use these tattoos on my sim ?

  1. The Sims 3 version must be 1.12 or higher.
  2. You need the Expanded Tattoo mod
    (XCAS core mod by CmarNYC OR if you use The MasterController mod, get The MC Expanded Tattoo by Twallan)
  3. In CAS, in the Tattoo section, select Full Body and set the highest tattoo size
Screenshot131_0 Screenshot131_1

25 thoughts on “[TS3+XCAS] Tattoo 131: Maori style

  1. Thank you for your wonderful tattoos. I have the same problem a few people are having with the tattoos being really tiny at max size. I use NRAAS Master Controller as my main and XCAS Tattoo Locations. All are up to date with the latest patch. I looked through the comments on the XCAS mod to find an answer but had no luck. Plus the above posters here that had theirs fixed did not post how they did it. Please help.

  2. When i click to download it, it just leads to a page full of random symbols 😦 Have also tried right clicking and saving as. I am on a macbook, could this be the problem? Tattoo looks amazing though 🙂


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