[Download] Sim: Jeremy

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Face Skin: Ephemera DefaultReplaceSkin-Face V1.0
Body Skin: Victor_tor Huge bodybuilder skins
Hair: The Sims 3 Store The Alex $$$
Eyebrows: Trapping/Missbonbon GoS Advent 2010 – Dec. 4th gift
Facial hair: bocboc256 “Who’s Your Barber?” Stubble Set
Body hair/Chest: Base game
Body hair/Stomach: CmarNYC Pubic hair for males R18+
Body hair/Forearms: TummyZa Custom body hair overlay
Eyes [Makeup/Mask]: escand Oh My -Eyes- ContactsMods:
Custom tattoo locations: CmarNYC XCAS core modTattoos:
Left & right hips | Left buttock | Left calf back:

Necklace [Glasses]: TumTum Simiolino Male Accessories – Set002
Earrings [Left earring]: WOE Multiple earrings
Nose piercing [Right earring]: Winry Layerable piercing set
Bracelet [Bracelet]: TumTum Simiolino Male Accessories – Set003
Ring [Ring]: Base game

Top: Base game
Bottom: DarkoSIMS Denim Shorts
Shoes: Base game

Outfit: JS Sims 3 Hip-Hop Style Outfit
Shoes: arjannl Adidas Superstar Sneakers
Accessory/Glasses: EsmeraldaF Sims 2 Rave Googles

Bottom: SP5 Master Suite Stuff

Top: R2M Nike #02
Bottom: asia! ASIA-MAS-002

Bottom: Celebriton YA-AM Bottom Brief Style Swimwear

Career (Acrobat):
Outfit: The Sims 3 Store Call Me Cupid Outfit

4 thoughts on “[Download] Sim: Jeremy

  1. LOVE the way you put all your CC up, just brilliant. Thank you for all that btw! Oh, and does he come with all the CC? Or do you have those links up so we can go get it? XD

    Thank you for uploading him!

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