[TS3+XCAS] Tattoo 140: Timeless sleeve

(Larger images below)Screenshot140_0
Tattoo design:
 Timeless Sleeve Sketch
 by WillemXSM @ DeviantArt
The Sims 3
XCAS mod
Gender: Male/Female
Templates: 2
/!\ WARNING — XCAS templates /!\
How do I use these tattoos on my sim ?

  1. The Sims 3 version must be 1.12 or higher.
  2. You need the Expanded Tattoo mod
    (XCAS core mod by CmarNYC OR if you use The MasterController mod, get The MC Expanded Tattoo by Twallan)
  3. In CAS, in the Tattoo section, select Full Body and set the highest tattoo size

6 thoughts on “[TS3+XCAS] Tattoo 140: Timeless sleeve

  1. Hey, your tattoos are amazing. You could try these other tattoos from these models, please.
    You could try to put these in full arm?: http://willemxsm.deviantart.com/art/Commission-fullsleeve-261915241 or http://willemxsm.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Jace-Grim-188036383
    And it has some other models that I found nice if you could also try: http://willemxsm.deviantart.com/art/Illu-Characters-175091963 ; http://willemxsm.deviantart.com/art/guitar-sketch-89403615 ; http://willemxsm.deviantart.com/art/Sketch-Music-sheet-188630986 ; http://willemxsm.deviantart.com/art/new-sketch-11-194647557

    So if you want to take a look and choose to make some. I will be very grateful, after all, your works are great. I apologize for the horrible English, I don’t speak English, so I used a translator.

    1. Sorry, I can’t do color tattoos and i’m not satisfied by the result of the others, too much pixelate, “Music forever” text is blur.

  2. Your sim tattoo are all amazingly cool! great choice of them and thanks for make them wearable for simmies, they look great and seamless in game


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