[Download] Sim: Isaac

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Isaac in game Isaac in CAS Isaac in game
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Isaac (CAS naked)
Face Skin: Ephemera DefaultReplaceSkin-Face V1.0
Body Skin: Victor_tor Huge bodybuilder skins
Hair: Jasumi Faux Hawk No. 2 (Both Sexes)
Eyebrows: Base game
Body hair/Stomach: CmarNYC Pubic hair for males R18+
Eyes [Makeup/Mask]: escand Oh My -Eyes- ContactsAccessories:
Eyebrow piercing [Glasses]: IN3S Eyebrow Piercing
Earring [Earring]: Base game
Eyebrow piercing [Gloves]: Winry Layerable Piercing Set
Ring [Ring]: Base game

Custom tattoo locations: CmarNYC XCAS core mod

Left upper breast (XCAS) | Left hip (XCAS) | Left lower belly (XCAS) | Left back
of shoulder (XCAS)
newest_star_design_by_WillemXSM Star_Tattoo_Design_by_average_sensation star_tattoo_7_by_MirriTakino_mirror stars_design_by_WillemXSM
Left buttock (XCAS) | Left calf back (XCAS) | Left shoulder (EA) | Left arm
(bicep & forearm) (EA)
tattoo-3 thumbnail star_design_by_WillemXSM Star_Tattoo_1_by_cr416l1ndl3y_m

Isaac (CAS casual)
Top: EP4 Generations
Bottom: DarkoSIMS DarkoSIMS3_AM_DenimShorts
Shoes: MYOS Sneakers

Isaac (CAS formal)
Top: EP3 Late Night
Bottom: EP9 University Life
Shoes: Base game

Isaac (CAS sleepwear)
Top: Darko DarkoSIMS3_AM_Tank_Top
Bottom: The Sims 3 Store Mens Pajama Bottoms $$$
Accessory [Socks]: Daluved1 Footies!

Isaac (CAS athletic)
Top: Ekky_Sims Transparent Fitted Tank for Men
Bottom: The Sims 3 Store Kung Fu Pants $$$
Shoes: terriecason Adidas Megabounce Running Sneakers
Accessory [Socks]: Base game

Isaac (CAS swimwear)
Bottom: Base game

Isaac (CAS outerwear)
Top: EP8 Seasons
Bottom: SP7 Diesel Stuff
Shoes: Base game


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