TS2 University : 4 tattoos (XCAS mod required)

/!\ WARNING — XCAS templates /!\

How do I use these tattoos on my sim ?

  1. The base game version must be 1.12 or higher.
  2. You need the Expanded Tattoo mod
    (XCAS core mod by CmarNYC OR if you use The MasterController mod, get The MC Expanded Tattoo by Twallan)
  3. In CAS, in the Tattoo section, select Full Body (or Full face) and set the highest tattoo size


4 tattoo designs (Calf templates for left or right)
ambodyurbpri_xcas03 ambodyurbpri_xcas04
ambodyurbpri_xcas01 ambodyurbpri_xcas02

Tattoo design:
 4 tattoos
 from The Sims 2 University
Download Sims3Pack

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