[Web archive] Sims3 DefaultReplaceSkin-Face V1.0 by Ephemera (2010-10-22)

[Google Translate: Chinese to English]
Finally could not stand comes with male skin on the nasolabial folds, and started working to do the replacement skin, thought the production a Sims 3 skin will be a bit difficult, face touches than expected. Since the beginning we should finish it – once the lazy hands pretty diligent, so the synthesis before the Sims 2 face makeup, do a little photo material, and then slowly draw according to uv map, has been now finished product.

[Google Translate: Chinese to English]
This is the replacement of all ages default face skins, in accordance with the age and gender for the CPU [Toddler-Children unisex], AYF [Teen-Young adult-Adult female], AYM [Teen-Young adult-Adult male], EU [Elder unisex] as well as the Misc [in addition to the EA own material superimposed on the lips of women, and modified the whites of paper] this five parts. Before installation, please remove the other authors of similar replacement works, otherwise it will cause the game to conflict. File package format, unzip into the Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ Mods \ Packages folder.

This version fully produced in accordance with my preferences, and not white baby does not diffuse the Department, but make its own level of people’s faces richer. Light-colored blue skin, the effect of the Green Paper, I am quite satisfied, and is also very suitable to deepen the color. Teen, young adult, adult, although the same with a material, but I deliberately retain the adult wrinkles file is not modified, and feel more realistic.

The Sims 2 skin like I made later versions – except for baby skin – a friend, you want to continue to follow in The Sims 3 sims2 style, or a very good choice.







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